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Egypt Referendum 22 December Monitoring reports -Independent Coalition for Monitoring Elections

The following Field monitoring Reports  2nd phase of the Egyptian referendum on the constitutional draft Constitution 22 December 2012.were sent to me by The Egyptian Association For Community Participation Enhancement (EACP).

They give interesting  insights to the conduct of the Referendum.

The Independent Coalition for monitoring elections
Field Monitoring Report 4th Statement·      
  •  Filing reports, closing polling stations and expelling Observers
  •   Rotating ballot and voter
  •     Chants and clashes due to the slow process
  •      Head of a station “Ink is useless, wears off quickly”
  • Giza Governorate

·        Preparatory School, Station 14, Disputes with the head of the committee for not allowing observers in
·        “Tahrir” School, Bulaq, Station 11, Freedom and Justice party member is inside the station for no legal basis
·        “Al-Rashidy” School, station 21, The assistant of the committees head makes 2 lines for “Yes” and “No” and she only makes the “yes” line move
·        “Al-Nahda” School, 6th of October, Observers of the Coalition were banned from entering the School
·        “Al-Munira” School, Imbaba, Voters (women) chanted against the Muslim Brotherhood’s guide when they cited an attempt to direct people to vote for “Yes”
·        “Khaled Ibn Al-Walid” School, Imbaba, Publicity inside the schools to vote “Yes”, as well as disputes with Observers
Al-Qalyubeya Governorate
·        “Mugama3 Al-Khulafa’ Al Rashedeen”, Al-Khosos, Station 10, no observers allowed
Al Menya Governorate
·        Preparatory School in Maghagha, Station 53, Head of Station directs voters to vote “yes”, daughter of Muslim Brotherhood leader “Mohamed Tousoun”
·        “Al-Agmeein” School, Ebshway, Station 13, Station was closed 2:30 untill this statement with no particular reason
·        Stations 29 & 30, new Ke’baby village, closed due to disputes between pros and cons
·        Elementary School in Tabha, report # 3907, a citizen accused members of Freedom and Justice party of threatening him with death because he distributed flyers that said “say “NO” to the constitution”
Al-Behera Governorate
·        “Fouad Ewiss” School , Abu Al-Matameer, didn’t open its doors until now with a voting power 5211
·        “Amr Ibn Al-Aa’s” School, Pro-Constitution are around the school and directing people to vote “yes”
Kafr Al-Shiekh
·        A lot of stations were merged with station #9, “Al-Salam School”, due to lack of judges
Beni Suef
·        “Kafr Al-Jazeera” School, voters complained because the judge refused to show ID
Suez Governorate
·        “Suez new School”, Station 4, Disputes between voters and judge when he interfered in their choice, Observers and Media were banned from Entering
Al-Munufeya Governorate
·        “Abu Al-Hol” Elementary School, Berket Al Saba’, report # 8010 against supervisor of stations 14 & 38 for directing voters to vote “Yes”
·        “Al Sadat” School, Shatla, Security forces refused to allow Observers in.
Port Said
·        “Youssef Ashour” School, Armed assault on the school and an attempt to stop the process, Security forces caught the shooter
·        “Canal” School, Ballots not stamped
·        “Al-Nasr” School, Port Fouad, Clashes between pros and cons
·        “Ahmed Ismail” School, report # 2499 filed by the father of martyr “Mohamed Al-Temimi”, name of his son was found in the report
Dumyat Governorate
·        “Farskor” School, Station 2, Report # 26673/ year 2012, Freedom & Justice party members directing voters to vote “Yes”

Independent Coalition for monitoring the referendum Operation Room
5:00 pm
3rd Statement - 
·              Ballot papers pre-marked
·              Clashes between pro and anti constitution
·              Assaults on news personnel
·              Expelling observers from the polling stations
·              Closing polling stations – Assaults on judges – Merging stations due to lack of judges

The Independent Coalition states the following notes:
Giza Governorate:
·        “El-Nile” Elementary School, Waraa’, Clashes between pro and anti constitution voters, and assaults on a reporter for “Al-Badeel” Journal.
·        “Al-Shorouk” School, Waraa’, A voter was caught was a ballot paper pre-marked with “Yes”, a report was filed with the incident.
·        “Al-Karnak” School, Kafr Tohormos, Station 43 (Women), Very slow voting process and huge crowd
·        “Um-Al-Abtal” School, A group of veiled women was cited collecting IDs from women and voting instead of them in exchange of money.
·        “Jihad” School, Imbaba, station 29, The station’s supervisor refused to show ID, his name is Ibrahim Al-Kholy, Voters complained due to the slow voting process,
·        “Othman Ibn-Afan”, Station’s supervisor refused to let the observers of the coalition in.
·        “Nahdet Masr” School, 6th of October, Clashes between Pros and Cons and complete absence of security forces.
·        “Al-Ebtedae’ya” School, report #7551/ 2012 was filed against the head of the station due to directing voters to vote “yes”
·        “Shmawat” School, Benha, Station 53, Judge is marking the paper himself and not allowing voters to do it themselves, all observers were expelled from the station
·        “Saa’d Zaghloul” School, Station 18, Benha (women), Judge is not insuring veiled women’s identity before voting
·        “Haroun Al-Rashid” School, Station 65, Verbal dispute between a voter after the judge refusing to show his ID.
·        “Al-Thawra” School, Ezbet Al Zeraa’a, Benha, Deliberately slow process of voting, missing voters’ lists.
·        “Al-Banl Al-Watany” School, Benha, A muslim brotherhood female member assaulted another women for refusing to vote “Yes”.
·        “Grease Babu Qerqas” School, Station 26, 27, some people assaulted the ‘head of the station, voting stopped temporarily.
·        “Beni-Mazar” School, Station 1, members of Freedom and Justice Party are directing voters to say “Yes”
·        “Khaled Ibn Al-Walid” School, Freedom and Justice members directing people to say “Yes” inside the School
·        “Ban Alam” Elementary School, Observers were not allowed inside, 3 stations were merged in one station
Fayoum Governorate
·        “Sinro” School, Station 35, Observers were not allowed to enter the station despite having permits.
·        “Beni Etman” School, Station 36, Voters are being directed outside the stations
·        “Hassan Gaballah” Azhar Academy, Veiled women refused to show their faces while other voters insisted they do.
Beni Swif
·        “Beni-Hamad” School, Beba, Coalition members were not allowed inside
·        “Al-Helal” School, Judge expelled one of the administrators for directing a voter to say “Yes”
Qena Governerate
·        “Al-Ee’dadeya” School, Naga’ Hamady, Closed with no reason, Voters confirm that the reason is not to allow Christian women to vote.
·        “Hamadat” School, “Salam” and “Al-Shaheed”, Judge insisted to stamp papers only after voting
·        “Howa Elemantary” School, stations 61, 62, 65 are closed and judge refused to assign another.
·        “Al-Madrasa Al Haditha” School, stations #15, 16, Security forces are present inside the station with no legal reason

Al-Beheera Governorate
·        “Al-Garadat” School, Stations 11, 12, missing ink
·        “Saber Al-Qasy” School, Voters’ lists were not available 
Kafr Al-Sheikh
·        “Abu-Mostafa” School, People who are known to be “Al-Nour Party” affiliates are collecting people IDs and claim they will help them vote
·        “Al-Hamool” School, Station 19, ”Judge” works as an administrator in a court and is not a real judge
·        “Abu Mustafa” Elementary School, School’s principal was cited directing voters to vote “Yes” and was warned by the judge. 
Luxor Governorate
·        “Al Zaneya” School, Our observers cited people directing voters to say both “Yes” and “No” without committing to the 200 meters proximity rule
·        “Al-Shaheed” Hassan Galal School, 7 Stations were merged in one under the supervision of chancellor/ Yasser Ibrahim. In the same School, 5 other stations were merged under the supervision of chancellor / Walid Ali Sadeq – number of voters equals 5620 which is impossible to fulfill during the announced hours.
The Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement Operation Room
2:00 PM

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