Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ukraine Women protest topless.

I got back to UK from Kyiv last night. Just before I left for Ukraine my son Nik took me for a birthday treat to the John Gielgud Theatre, to see an up to date version of the TV political satire series ’Yes Prime Minister’. Protest methods of Ukraine’s women’s rights defenders would provide excellent material for a ’Yes Prime Minister’script!

Femen a group of young Ukrainian women activists have staged topless protests to promote women's rights and fight for democracy. Femen Leader Anna Hutsul, says ,"If sexuality is used to sell cars and cookies, why not use it for social and political projects.” Just 8 % of the Ukraine Parliament are women, a disgraceful state of affairs (or should it be affair of state?). Femen campaign at the lack of women in Government and Parliament, against violence and discrimination against women. Plus they speak out on hot political topics such as the new tax code and freedom of speech. Anna Hutsul hopes to launch a political party and stand for election to the Verkhovna Rada (the Ukraine Parliament).

Ukrainian women say 'No Prime Minister’.
My friend, women’s rights campaigner Olena Suslova and a colleague of hers are taking legal proceedings against Prime Minister Mykola Azorov on grounds of sex discrimination. There's not a single woman to be found among the government's Cabinet Ministers. When asked about the lack of women in his cabinet the Ukrainian Prime Minister replied ” With all respect to women, conducting reforms is not women's business."


Russian brides said...

I also read somewhere regarding the topic you discussed. And as what I have said on the previous article I found in the net, now is the time that women should have equal rights among men. After all, both are capable and able to practice such rights. We are now living in a modern world and women should have the freedom to promote and fight their rights.

Mary Laver said...

Women should have an equal say in all the proposed reforms in their society. Do men in their arrogance and fear of us really think they are the only ones with all the answers and are fully aware of the needs of women, the elderly and children. Always the most vulnerable in any society. I'm sure they would understand the differences if the boot were on the other foot and women made decisions on their behalf without consultation. Reforms effect 100% of the population not just the 48% of the males.

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