Saturday, September 24, 2011

Time to include Kosovo in the 2012 Olympics.

Can someone explain to me why the International Olympic Committee refuses to recognise Kosovo?

I had lunch in London the other day with Vlora Citaku, Minister of European Integration for Kosovo. I asked why she was wearing a lapel badge with 2012 London Olympic Games symbol. She said she is lobbying for Kosovo to be allowed to participate in the Olympics.  What obscure quirk of is preventing Kosovo from being allowed to participate in the London Olympics? Over 89 nations have recognised Kosovo as an independent nation.

Judo gold medallist Majlinda Kelmendi's dream of winning gold at London 2012 depends on the IOC formally recognising Kosovo as an independent nation. 19-year-old Kosovar sports star Majlinda Kelmendi (pictured right )  won the Gold medal at the World Junior European Judo Championships and is currently ranked fifth in the world in the Olympic rankings.

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