Thursday, July 21, 2016

Female role models - '50 Bedtime Stories to Inspire Girls.'

It's been a week of female role models in UK politics. On TV we saw the new British Prime  Minister Teresa May's first meetings with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and with Scottish Nationalist Party Leader, Nicola Sturgeon. I am sorry to see Labour MP Angela Eagle drop out of the leadership race for Leader of the Labour Party. I was invited to review a book of female role models from around the world titled '50 Bedtime stories to inspire girls,' compiled by Lisa Hill. This book is for children. I am not a child so I invited my Grand daughter Daisy to review the book. Daisy is 7 years old and loves reading books. She also loves writing book reviews. Below  is Daisy's review of '50 bedtime stories to inspire girls.'

'50 bedtime stories to inspire girls'  
Author: Lisa Hill   
Illustrator: Vlada Repeykova

 I really liked how she explained what each lady did or when she was born or when she died. I also loved the illustrations they were bold, bright and they popped with colour. I think this was a great book and recommend it to girls 6+ and would totally read the second book if there ever was one.

My favourite woman was Germaine Greer because she wrote for magazines about woman’s equality. The reason I liked her is because I like making magazines myself. I also liked J.K. Rowling because she wrote the Harry Potter books and I really like them.
In my opinion I think there shouldn’t be any royals that didn’t do very much because the only reason they became famous was because they were a royal.

By: Daisy H

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