Saturday, November 08, 2014

UN Secretary General no longer fit for purpose after he insults women by ignoring UNSCR 1325.

It's time for women (and supportive men) to call for Ban Ki-Moon to step down as UN Secretary General - he seems to have passed his 'sell-by' date and is no longer fit for purpose. On October 31st, 2014, the very day of the 14th anniversary UN Security Council Resolution 1325 calling for women to be equal participants in peace-processes Ban Ki-Moon established a High-Level Independent Panel to re-think Peace Operations. He appointed fourteen members: eleven men and three women! This week-end let's remember - in the the middle of World War 1 women very nearly managed to negotiate an end to the war. In 1915 female delegates from the Hague Congress travelled to meet top statesmen in London, Washington, Berlin, the Hague, Copenhagen, Vienna, Paris, Petrograd, Berne, Budapest, Oslo.The two delegations of 13 women included British Chrystal Macmillan (see pic), American Jane Addams, Dutch Aletta Jacobs, Hungarian Rosika Schwimmer. 'The belligerents said they wanted to cease hostilities but could not ask for mediation as this would infer they were losing militarily.'...'Meanwhile thousands of men went 'up the line' to their deaths, as if they had no individual lives of their own but were merely cogs in the war-machine.'

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