Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Margaret Thatcher. Women in Politics. Edward Heath. Sir Bernard Weatherill.

(CNN) -- When it came to promoting other women in politics, Margaret Thatcher was a disappointment. In fact, her main legacy for women was that she was a woman holding the position of prime minister for 11½ years.
My son was 5 years old when Thatcher first won election as prime minister, the first woman to do so. By the time she left office, he was a young man of 17. He didn't remember a country with a male prime minister.
Lesley Abdela
Lesley Abdela
As a feminist and women's rights campaigner who opposed many of Thatcher's policies, I am still trying to work out how I feel about her. As prime minister, Thatcher did almost nothing to promote women's rights actively, but at the same time, an entire generation grew up assuming it was normal to have a woman as prime minister. For my full article  go to :

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