Saturday, July 07, 2012

Women's Rights Alert - CEDAW threatened! Please circulate this

Women’s rights alert – CEDAW is being branded ‘un-Islamic’.
This ignorant, inaccurate aspersion is being deliberately spread like a virus – I first heard of this a couple of years ago in Jordan, since then women leaders from Iraq and Bosnia reported it in their countries too. Like all bullies the people accusing CEDAW (The Convention Against all Forms of Discrimination Against Women) of being 'un-Islamic' use the weapon of intimidation to frighten women into submission to their political will.

Yet again women’s rights are being used as a male political foot-ball. Latest example is the spurious message being spread around that CEDAW, the Women's Bill of Rights'  is ‘un-Islamic’ and that women’s rights were a fabrication of dictatorships. The men who say this are insulting the women leaders and activists - and male supporters - of all persuasions who achieved progress on women’s rights over several decades (sometimes at risk to their lives) by their painstaking and tireless  efforts. How pathetic to see the achievements of these heroines and hereos attributed to previous ruling circles by a new wave of wannabe rulers.

Open minded religious leaders, and all supporters of democracy and human rights must move swiftly before this handful of authoritarian bullies succeed in their intimidating tactics. Make citizens and Leaders aware that CEDAW far from being seen as a threat CEDAW supports the main tenets of what true religious leaders preach – such as overcoming poverty.

At least CEDAW has not yet been declared 'un-Islamic' in Scotland - see this video: CEDAW - A superhero for women in Scotland

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